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Portrait photography seeks to convey the unique essence, personality, identity, and demeanor of a subject by skillfully employing backgrounds, lighting, and sometimes posing.

Portrait photography covers a vast ranges of occasions & situations (as you can see from our portfolio):
your birthday, graduating college, you want your headshot to standout on LinkedIn, and the list can go on!

The best way to see if we are good fit for each other is by contacting us and letting us know what you have in mind!

What is portrait photography?

With every package we have available we include the following:

  • Session Duration - This is how long we will have our session for. Our packages range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Add-on options are available.

  • Deliverables - This is how many professionally edited photos will be delivered. Our packages range from 10 - 30 images. Additional images can are available. 

  • Outfits - This is how many outfits we are permitted in a session. Our packages range from 1-2 outfits. If you would like to have additional outfits, you can add. Be advised if we have too many outfit changes, it may cause for more time to be added to your session. 

  • Locations - This is where we will be having your session. Our packages include offer 1-2 locations per session within 10-15 miles of each location. Studio time and additional locations can be added with an extra fee.

  • Professional Editing - This is where the real work begins and we craft your images. We do minor retouching to all photos to remove any obvious blemishes - we all have those days. Ask how you can remove more like stray hairs, wrinkles, dark circles, etc. We do not make anyone "look skinny".

  • Digital Album Delivery - You will receive a digital album where you can easily download your photos and share with your family. Every album is accessible for 1 year! 

  • Mood Board Collaboration - we will collaborate on a mood board to bring a vision to life for your session.

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Investment begins at $175

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